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Cross tattoo on chest

Cross tattoo on chest

This is a very beautiful picture of a man with a chest tattoo. Gives you a very good ideal and example of how you can place your crosses on your body. I love how the angel wings are decorated around the cross with a cool flavor to it. Gives people something to look at for all the man that like to take their shirt off and show there chest.

Christian tattoo on back

Christian Cross on Back

Here is some nice back tattoo images for men that you might find to your liking. Two of them have another set of  angel wings decorated around them and another that has a more plain look for the people that want to keep it simple.

The first image of the tat on his back is very christian like. It has a more religious look too it, with some nice detail.

Back tattoo with Chain

Back tattoo with Chain

The second back tattoo image sets the imagination of a necklace around someones neck. Me personally,  I love tattoos with meaning that have some taste to them.

The third picture of a tat on a person’s back is a beat up cross that has angel wings around it. With this one you might like the detail of the way the tat is looking beat up along with the angel wings. This gives you idea of some more details you might want to consider.

Angel Wings Tattoo

Beat up tattoo

These pics are just examples of some nice tattoo drawings that I wanted to share with my visitors. If your are a fan of the cross like me and want to check out more sick ass pics with killer tat designs. Here is a place where I get a lot of my work from. It has thousands of tattoo designs you can use along with some sick ass pictures of crosses.

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