Good Tattoo Ideas for Men

by Toy Reese on

Cross Tattoo on Back

There are plenty of ways to come up with unique tattoo designs for yourself. If you want too you can look at a tattoo gallery with plenty of tattoos and cross tattoo ideas. It will have some unique designs that you can choose from.

Me personally, I prefer getting tattoos that explain who you are as a person or what you do. These type of unique tats usually come out excellent with a good meaning behind them. Plus you’ll be more satisfied with your tats unless you have a tattoo of an old ex, and you both end up breaking up with each other. I prefer to never get a tat like that, even though a lot of people do anyway.

So here are some tips and ideas for my men to follow up on…..

Tattoo galleries for men

You can Find plenty of tattoo pictures on the internet for men, but if your are trying to find some real quality online for your tats then you might want to try some good websites that have very good ratings, and offer more service than just some tattoo images. These sites might cost a little, but will give you way more than those free tattoo newbie sites online.


Make sure you find a good tattooist near you that gives some good prices for some good work. I’ve seen many tattoo artist get over on people for tats that cost way less then what they charged…..and a lot of times the work of the design ain’t all that good.

Tattoo designs

Well I’m sure you know or should know my favorite tats are cross tattoo designs. When choosing a design, try to find something other than what people already use. Like I said before if you don’t have any good ideas, think of what you do and what type of person you are to come up with a unique design that nobody else has already. You will definitely get way more attention when you show it off and most Important You will be satisfied with your tattoo.

Body Placement

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Body placement is also a very unique  way to make a tattoo different from other people. From legs, arms, back and lower back tattoos.  These things will help you find some good ways to change and create something new that’s exciting to look at!! I’ve seen some sick ass back cross tattoos for men and women.

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Beat up cross

Beat Up Cross Tattoo

Hey! Toy Reese here,

If your looking for some killer cross designs, then I’m glad you found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

I’m going to talk a little bit about cross tattoos and give you some nice ideas, but if you want to checkout some designs now or any other tattoo designs, here is a link too some great tattoo pictures for men.

If your mind is not sure what kind of cross tattoos you are looking for, then let me help you by saying you should learn and find out what type of person you are, before considering a particular one. Remember this artwork will be with you forever, so make sure your happy and satisfied with the results.

I’m sure you want your own type of cross tattoo, that identifies you. So why not make up your own! You can really show yourself, a long with your personality. By coming up with your own unique design that interests you.

Tribal Stone Cross

Tribal Stone Cross Tattoo

For example, My guy is a rapper and once got a cross tattoo design with a hand displaying a mic inside of it. Making the graphics of his cross tattoo really stand out. I wish I had a picture of it, but unfortunately I don’t.

Still!! You can find different things and unique ways to tell people what type of person you are through your designs. I found one of the most effective ways to come up with unique designs, is to just do a little research, like I’m sure you already have or you wouldn’t have found this site.

Make sure you check out all the different meanings and cross tattoos for men that you like in particular. Once you find something print it out and show it to your tattoo artist. Make sure they are a good tattooist!! I’m going to give you this link to a tattoo gallery with some killer cross designs you can check out and choose from.

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